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New articles on immigration, Superfund, and pot-sniffing doggies

I wanted to highlight a few articles I've written since early this year, including a couple of new ones on the nation's broken immigration system. In March, I wrote about citizens in the Bay Area training to become legal observers when ICE officers are conducting enforcement activities. And in June, I wrote about the San Francisco Public Defender's Office launching its new immigrant legal defense team, which also describes in some detail the dire straits immigration detainees are in. 

I recently had my first article published in KQED's science section of its website, about a large Superfund site in the heart of Silicon Valley, and the threat of the Trump administration on environmental cleanup going forward. And I had another in the San Francisco Chronicle about the future for pot-sniffing police dogs in California, now that marijuana has been legalized. That one was pretty fun to write!



Busy Times Call for Busy Journalism

I've had a few new stories published this year already, some of which have been a few months in the making. The first, and biggest, is a look at diversity initiatives at Google and how well they are -- or aren't -- working. You can read it over at Fast Company

I also recently attended some of the 40-hour training that San Francisco Police Officers receive in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques. You can read about it in the SF Weekly. And, in light of new research showing that the Fruitvale district in Oakland has higher levels of lead toxicity in kids than Flint, Michigan, I wrote about a stalled court case that would provide money to decontaminate the city. 


Updates from the second half of 2016

Happy new year! I wrote and published a whole bunch of stuff in the second half of last year, including several pieces on music and culture. For Bitch I wrote a roundup of modern-day goth bands (yes, there are some!) with an eye toward women and genderfluid folks in the scene. I also wrote a new piece about Egyptian female-fronted metal band Massive Scar Era and, speaking of Africa, I wrote about Edward Banchs' new book, Heavy Metal Africa, for Vice

Also for Vice, I wrote a follow-up to my piece on rape kits, focusing on how women are using the courts to get their rape kits tested. And I wrote two pieces late in the year for the SF Weekly about how the election of Donald Trump is affecting San Francisco's relationship with undocumented residents, including students and people facing deportation

I'm looking forward to writing a lot more and sharing it with you in 2017. 


Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters and More

With the release of Pokemon Go recently, I've written a few pieces about the game and its augmented reality predecessor, Ingress. In Fast Company, I wrote about AR's implications for women. In Quartz, I wrote about why Ingress is ultimately the more satisfying game. And I also wrote a little rant on Medium regarding the history of Pokestops (especially the bad ones) that got picked up on the Huffington Post. 

Also recently, I reviewed the all-female Ghostbusters reboot and tried out Whoopi Goldberg's new line of medical cannabis for menstrual relief for Wear Your Voice, and wrote about Seven Stills, the distillery in San Francisco that makes whiskey from craft beer, for the SF Weekly. And I contributed a piece to UCSF about a stress and mindfulness workshop that's teaching San Francisco city employees to relax and perform better. 


Rape Kits, Heavy Metal and Baroness Golden Tickets

I've written several new articles that I'm very proud of, including an investigative feature revealing that San Francisco still has untested rape kits from up to 30 years ago -- despite saying its backlog is cleared. I also published my first piece with Bitch, about heavy metal's racism and sexism problem, and a fun piece about Baroness' upcoming show in San Francisco (and the band's plan to hide a pair of free tickets somewhere in the city the day of the show). 


Springtime writing updates

Spring has sprung in San Francisco, which really just means alternating heat waves, drizzly days, and hay fever noses. I've been busily writing here and there (okay, not HERE so much). I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of my favorite recent articles. 

In early March I published a piece in the SF Weekly about a major screw-up the San Francisco transit agency made when making a key intersection more pedestrian-friendly. Their mistake made it difficult or impossible for buses to make the corner, and required them to tear up and redo a bunch of the work.

A couple of weeks ago I had my first piece in VICE, about "The Last Unicorn" author Peter S. Beagle's ugly legal fight against his former manager, who he accuses of fraud and elder abuse. 


Lots of news!

I recently started as a senior editor at Wear Your Voice, a publication that focuses on intersectional feminism, social justice and body positivity. On top of editing, I also contributed a recent piece encouraging compassion for San Francisco's homeless residents, who've had a particularly bad time of it lately. 

I also wrote a story about Oakland doom band Lycus for the SF Weekly, and posted two pieces on Medium. One of them is about some of the surprising things I learned covering the courts for three years. The other is a quick guide for music writers who are working on articles about allegations of sexual misconduct. 

And I'm joining the San Francisco Writers' Grotto in March!


Video From Grimposium Panel

Early last month I participated in a panel discussion at aQuarius Records called "Sexual Violence & Misogyny in Literary & Lyrical Frameworks," moderated by Decibel Magazine writer Justin M. Norton and including panelists Daniel Butler and Leila Abdul-Rauf of Vastum, feminist scholar Brad Nelson and psychoanalyst Jason Wallin. The panel was part of Concordia scholar Vivek Venkatesh's Grimposium series. It was a lively, interesting conversation, and you can now see the whole thing on video below:

West Side Gory panel discussion at aQuarius recOrds from Grimposium on Vimeo.




Happy holidays and a little news

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season and is ready for a new year that will hopefully be full ofoptimism, opportunities and positive change for everyone. 

2015 came to a close with some sad news about a remarkable, unique San Francisco writer, Justin Chin, who died just before Christmas after suffering a massive stroke a week earlier. I wrote about the heartbreaking news for the SF Weekly as his family made the decision to take him off life support. I got to know Justin's work after seeing him perform at Writers With Drinks, where he was asked to compose a story that combined horror and erotica. His resulting story was gross, funny and even a little bit sexy -- just like his poems and prose. There won't be another like him. 

Just after the new year, I will be part of a panel at aQuarius Records Jan. 6 called "Sexual Violence & Misogyny in Literary & Lyrical Frameworks," moderated by Decibel Magazine editor Justin M. Norton and including panelists Daniel Butler and Leila Abdul-Rauf of Vastum, feminist scholar Brad Nelson, psychoanalyst Jason Wallin and Vivek Venkatesh, a social psychologist from Concordia University. It promises to be interesting and intense. To find out more, check out the event information on Facebook




How Ellen Pao lost her job but survived Reddit's swamp of trolls

Last month, I had the opportunity to write a piece looking back at former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao's past year -- her trial against Kleiner Perkins, her leadership at Reddit, and her decision to step down. You can read it here, at the Guardian

On a more personal note, I also write about my ongoing struggles with makeup, which was published this week at Wear Your Voice magazine. If you don't already know about WYV, you should -- it's a beauty and fashion site deeply rooted in feminism and encouraging women of all shapes and colors to find their individual expression.