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New anthologies, new journalism

Two of my poems are in new anthologies, available now. "Corn Moon" is in Cradle Songs, from Quill & Parchment Press. "Half Empty" is in Impact: An Anthology of Short Memoirs, from Telling Our Stories Press. The ebook edition of Impact is on sale now, while the print edition will be available July 1. 

I also recently stirred up a feminist hornets' nest over on Invisible Oranges with my piece "Do Not Betray a Metal Woman," and previewed an upcoming Royal Thunder gig in the San Francisco Examiner. 


"The Heavy Metal Witch Hunt Lives On"

In much of the western world, heavy-metal musicians and fans take their freedoms for granted. But in parts of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and even Eastern Europe, people in the metal scene can face serious human-rights violations: losing jobs, arrest, torture, even death. Why do they stick with heavy metal if the consequences can be so awful? Read my latest article at PopMatters to find out. 


Fields of the Nephilim "Ceromonies" review and retrospective

I've followed Fields of the Nephilim's career and music since the late 1980s, but I rarely write reviews (in part because their releases are so few and far between). Here's one of those rare cases: I wrote a review of the band's new box set, Ceromonies, for Invisible Oranges. You can check it out online at this link


On the cover of the SF Weekly

I recently spent a day at Double Fine Productions, the studio of legendary game designer Tim Schafer, to learn about the company and its recent record-breaking success on Kickstarter. My article, "The Adventures of a Videogame Rebel," was this week's cover story for the SF Weekly. 


Recent writing roundup

As always, I've had my nose to the grindstone. I'll have more to announce soon, but in the meantime I'd love to share some of the things I've recently written and published:

For the SF Weekly:

SFPD's Ugly History with Pepper Spray (Nov. 30, 2012)

Fare Hack: Exploting a Clipper Card is Easy (Feb. 1, 2012)

Meet Heather Meader-McCausland, Whose Alaskan Photos Make SFO Less Depressing (Feb. 7, 2012)

Bread SRSLY's Bicycle-Based Bread Distribution System Is Almost as Cool as Its Actual Bread (Feb. 22, 2012)

School Lunches: Study Recommends a Joint S.F.-Oakland Kitchen (March 7, 2012)


For the San Francisco Examiner:

Book captures Bay Area's thrash heyday (Dec. 29, 2011)

More San Francisco women choosing home birth despite the higher cost (Jan. 29, 2011)

Smartphone thefts give wake-up call (April 6, 2012)


For Poynter:

The hot sauce trial: 5 ways journalists can improve coverage of research (Feb. 20, 2012)

How journalists can stop the spread of misinformation when reporting on the occult (April 2, 2012)

5 ways journalists can overcome shyness during interviews(April 23, 2012)


For Invisible Oranges:

Interview: John Dyer Baizley of Baroness (Feb. 28, 2012)

Interview: Jenks Miller of Horseback (April 18, 2012)


As I said, there's more on its way in the near future. Stay tuned!


Ebooks are here & more

I've been really busy this summer and fall, which means I have lots and lots of news to report!

My novel, "Beloved," is now available in a number of ebook formats for a very low price. If you've been holding off reading it because of the print price, now's your chance to check it out. You can download just about any format you like at this link. In addition, "Beloved," "Read the Music," and "Sacred Sonoma" are all available in the Apple iBookstore for iPad and iPhone, and at the Barnes & Noble online store.

I have a poem in the new anthology from Native West Press. The book is called "What's Nature Got to Do with Me? Staying Wildly Sane in a Mad World," and you can read more about it or buy a copy here.

I've been freelancing and guest-blogging quite a bit. You can click the links to read a view of these pieces, below:

San Francisco's special education classes disproportionately filled with minority students (SF Examiner)

Metal Monday: When heavy metal becomes linked with crime (

The Bay Bridge Doesn't Move, But You Can Follow It (and Other S.F. Landmarks) on Twitter (SF Weekly)

Why Those Apparent Animal Sacrifices Probably Aren't the Work of Real Satanists (SF Weekly)


Wired article on teen gaming 

The Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited ruling on California's law banning the sale of violent video games to buyers under 18. The court ruled that the law violates the game companies' First Amendment right to create and sell such games freely -- and buyers' rights to purchase and play those games, also protected by the First Amendment.

In light of that decision, I contributed a piece to about teens who play violent video games (and parents who knowingly let them). It's also about the importance of such games for young minds. The piece was also syndicated to Ars Technica, and both Wired and Ars have thought-provoking comments from readers.


Women in metal 

There's some new stuff online from me this week. First, check out my guest post for the heavy-metal blog Invisible Oranges: "Are You Talking To Me? Respecting women in metal." This piece encompasses a number of things I've wanted to say for a long time. Judging by the comments, a lot of others felt it was overdue, too.

In addition, writing coach Lynette Benton interviewed me for a series of posts called "When You Hate The Book You're Writing." Check out my thoughts on the subject here.


Gluten-free eating

I have a new article, "Gluten- Free Gastronomy in San Francisco," online today at It was published in Thursday's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. For those keeping track at home, it's the first time in about 12 years that I've had something published in the Chronicle.

Also this week, a guest piece I wrote went online at The Bird Sisters blog. It's called "The Never Ending Re-Write." The blog is hosted by author Rebecca Rasmussen, whose new novel, The Bird Sisters, is due out April 12.


Me in Radical Parenting

One of the best resources I've discovered is Radical Parenting, a site where teens write articles about adolescent life so parents can learn more. The manager of the site asked me to write a guest post, which is now online. The piece provides a taste of what I'm working on in my book. It's called Frightened By Your Teen's Interests? Get Involved!