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My Life As A Female Online

Inspired by John Oliver's recent episode of Last Week Tonight devoted to online harassment and revenge porn, I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post describing some of my own experiences, and how I dealt with them. I was lucky, in many cases, to have enough information about my harassers to be able to report them or take other actions that ended the behavior. Most women who experience this aren't so lucky. 

I also recently shared a piece on Medium musing about the offerings at the average press conference -- and why there's almost nothing I can eat. 


The Curse of Perfect Spelling

When I was in grade school, I once won my schoolwide spelling bee. It was awful (and required me to compete at an even higher level!). Given that the national spelling bee finals are tonight, I wrote a piece about my experience, which was published by the Huffington Post. You can read the whole thing here.


"The Myth of Teen Violence and Spiritual Paths"

Having interviewed people from all walks of life to understand what creates the cultural myths of violence surrounding teens, a big trend noted in her work is young people turning from organized religion to earth-based belief systems. According to Winegarner, teens by nature "break away, to seek their independence and try on new things, because they're in the process of learning who they are." She noted that often those raised with a specific religion may strike out from that religion simply because it's been a part of their lives and their families for so long. Teens raised without a specific spirituality may seek one out because they want something new.

Author and shaman Kelley Harrell interviewed me for a new piece on Huffington Post published yesterday. Follow the link to see the full article.