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What is home?

What is loyalty?

What is family?

This story will make you question them all.

"Beloved" is a unique memoir of war and triumph in the fictional city of Damas.

Kirin is a young girl nearly orphaned and left in the care of her older brother, Emlyn. After a charismatic, tyrannical king takes control of Damas, capitalism and slavery are forced on its people. Kirin watches as her peers are sold into forced labor. Emlyn, fearing the same fate for his sister, enrolls her in the city's university for historians -- and begins to teach her to fight like a soldier, a path that ultimately leads them both into exile and war.

As Kirin grows from a child of seven to a young woman of seventeen, her tale unfolds with shades of trauma, love, honor, and betrayal. She learns the value of family -- and just how crucial it is for historians to document the truth.



"I study the faces of these soldiers, the only soldiers who truly honor Damas by exiling themselves from its ever-increasing corruption. I see the pain in their features, the longing to lay eyes on familiar territory again. But I do not think I have done them a disservice.

"It is a simple enough thing to protect what is before your eyes, but it is a true test of your resolve to protect something when you feel it fading and you fear that it no longer exists outside of memory and desire.

"This has made our soldiers stronger. It has made them fiercer. It has given them more spirit and hope than I have seen in any other army, and that is why we continue to win our battles. That is why we will win this war."