About the book

After a charismatic, tyrannical king takes control of Damas, capitalism and slavery are forced on its people. The young girl Kirin watches as her peers are sold into forced labor. Her brother Emlyn, fearing the same fate for his sister, enrolls her in the city's university for historians – and begins to teach her to fight like a soldier, a path that ultimately leads them both into exile and war.

As Kirin grows from a child of seven to a young woman of seventeen, she comes to know trauma, love, honor, and betrayal. She learns the value of family – and just how crucial it is for historians to document the truth.

Praise for Beloved:
 is a work of fiction, but it is fiction with a substantial message laced within the story of a young woman's coming of age. In spite of her comfortable and somewhat privileged life, the heroine of the story soon learns that all is not what it seems to be. As Kirin's life becomes more and more entangled in the history of the kingdom in which she lives, she learns to question many things we take for granted, including what is the truth and what is an elaborate web of deception. Cast in a far-away land and time, it is nonetheless pertinent to our own lives. A satisfying and fast-paced read, Beloved has everything a lover of fiction could want. I highly recommend it." –Rayvn Navarro

Beloved is a coming-of-age story set in the fictional city of Damas. Kirin, the main character, struggles to understand her history and her place in Damas. Kirin soon realizes she must question what is truth and what is deception with regard to her and the city's personal history. This deception makes this story take a really interesting twist when she realizes how easily it is to manipulate history. Fast-paced adventure in an unusual beautiful land." –Joy Wheeler