Sacred Sonoma


About the book

Beth Winegarner became the first to apply British and European concepts of earth energy and sacred alignments to the Sonoma County landscape when she began researching the region's historic and haunted sites in 1995. She then became the first to publish that research when she published Sacred Sonoma online in 2000, and in print in 2007. The volume is completely revised and updated with new sites, new photographs and a new introduction from the author. It also includes maps drawn by illustrator Matt Berger.

Locals and travelers can carry Sacred Sonoma with them as they visit the unusual sites and alignments it describes. Take it along as you explore the beauty, history and mystery of Sonoma County.

Praise for Sacred Sonoma:
"What a wonderful job you have done on Sonoma County. Thanks so much for caring about this grand piece of the world." –Winifred Medin

"Thank you for the truth of these sacred sites ...Thank you for renewing awareness that the sacred is around us, not just in Sonoma County, but everywhere. It is heartening that people know and remember." –Dorothy

"I have found that Sacred Sonoma has a lot of really interesting information that I would have never known about Sonoma County. It is really nice to see this much information about various locations that I have wondered about the origin but have not found the answers." –Brandon Cutting