I was bullied for developing early. How can I protect my daughter?

I haven’t felt ready for so many of her milestones. When she started losing teeth, it felt like my round little dumpling of a baby was gone. Every time I think I’m finally getting the hang of who she is, she transforms again. And this time feels worse, because it’s the first step onto a path — of physical changes, of confusion, of peer pressure and cultural expectations — that I’m not sure how to prepare her for.

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I Shouldn’t Have to Create My Own Trauma-Informed Healthcare. But Here’s How I Did It.

As my partner held my hand, the technician talked me through the scan, showing me my uterus, ovaries, and bladder on a wall-mounted screen. The pressure of the probe made my pelvis feel bruised, and my thighs kept tensing like I was ready to run. But I made it through the scan and was only a little shaky afterward. The technician even checked in with me to make sure she had done OK.


 Birth Meridian

While I was pregnant, I had certain ideas of what birth and motherhood were going to be like—and McCarthy's books seemed like a complete escape from those ideas. But during labor, and in the weeks that followed birth, it seemed his books had done as much to ready me as anything else had. 


Why I Talk to Jim

It’s 30 years later, and the shadows haven’t left me. I see Jim Morrison now for what he was: a flawed, damaged, charismatic guy who flamed out far too early. Inside me, still, is the teenage girl who sought refuge in his darkness, a thick cloak of turmoil that masked my own. 


How Some Local Nightclubs Fail Their Disabled Patrons

What do you do when you don't have 20-year-old knees, but you still go to metal shows? Some Bay Area clubs help patrons with invisible disabilities keep rocking, but others do not.