"Lost" in Questions by Beth Winegarner

I've been sick this week, which has given me time to watch most of the first season of Lost. I haven't seen any of it since it aired in 2004, and I'm noticing a lot of new stuff this time around, like: 

1. What are all the women doing for their periods? 

2. Why didn't Sun and Jin learn English, especially in relation to Sun's father's business? 

3. How does Sun know so much about plants?

4. What are the odds that nobody on the plane would know enough about botany to be able to tell where they landed, based on the plants on the island?

5. What are the odds that so many of them would have an "I had to kill someone/I accidentally killed someone" backstory?

6. If you took a drink every time someone referred to Walt as "my boy" or "your boy," how drunk would you get?